Designs By Kanani - Portfolio
Designs By Kanani - Portfolio
Belle Vie Salon & Wellness Identity
Goal: The client was looking for something that would attract professional, trendy, and family oriented clientele for their new salon.
Solution: We researched trendy symbols and colors to come up with this fresh looking design for the salon that would stand out in the Puget Sound Region.

Godden Photography Identity
Goal: The goal of this new identity was to appeal to a broader audience beyond only baby pictures and onto pictures of the whole family at different points in their lifetimes. Also, it needed to show that these special photos can be taken in the studio or outside as well.
Solution: After much time looking at abstract ideas about photography so that the logo would be more conceptual and less cliche to appeal to that broader clientele, the idea of the lens flare effect came to mind and so the final logo was born.

Hug-A-Hawaiian T-Shirt Design
Goal: The client wanted something colorful that would stand out and show metaphorically what the words would say on the shirt.
Solution: Hawaii sometimes goes hand and hand with the rainbow in its flavor so one solution was to use many bright colors for the t-shirt. A simple tattoo design was added to further define the idea of historically tribal Hawaii as the theme of the shirt.

Swag by Susie Identity Design
Goal: The designer wanted a logo that defined the handmade, elegant yet quirky, modern style of their jewelry pieces.
Solution: By creating a hand done script logo with rounded letters and swooshes the logo became successful in fullfilling all goals. The design also reflects appreciation that the pieces are works of art, but that the price is not out of reach to the average art jewelry shopper.

For Pets Non-Profit Naming
Goal: The client wanted a fun and catchy name that defined their mission in providing help for pet parents in tough times so they won't have to give up their pets to a shelter or rescue.
Solution: By trying to do play on pet words, not just ones for specifically cats or dogs, but pets in general like tails, paws, etc.... many ideas for names evolved that were unique which were going to offer a lot of potential for strong brand recognition.
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