Designs By Kanani - Portfolio
Designs By Kanani - Portfolio

Sometimes clients only need help with creative concept ideas or consultation for some aspect of their identity, branding, marketing, social media, photography shoots, etc. Whenever you need brainstorming or creative concepting help for your business or organization, think of me as your creative idea designer.

Even if you only need a new identity or brand and you are not necessarily ready to get anything printed yet, I am proficient in this area of design. I have worked with numerous businesses or organizations which were just getting off the ground or companies that did not really need a print presence, but rather required only a web, social media or e-store based presence for their clients.

If you have an existing identity or brand, I can work within its guidelines to come up with your new layout design. If you do not possess an existing identity or brand, I can come up with a new one for your organization or business. Perhaps your identity or brand is only looking to be updated, then I can work with you to evolve your solution. Whichever way you decide you want to go with your identity or brand, I can work it into the final design for print.

My graphic design training comes from the point of view of working from scratch when the time and resources are available. My first tendency is to work with elements of photography and illustration that will be totally original and self created if it fits the project. If you would like a certain photographer, photo, illustrator, or illustration I can surely help you to find the right fit for your budget and concept.

My years of experience in working for and with print shops, gives me an advantage in handing over clean and organized files. This will assist your printer in enabling a faster turnaround for your project. I retain valuable relationships with reliable printers who I can recommend to you. You can choose to manage production fully or I can accommodate you in communicating your job with the printer. Having worked with many startups, I hold the knowledge and creativity in delivering final digital files you can produce in-house for a more cost effective result.

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