Haole Boy - alternate identity versions
The North West - 3 alternate identity versions
M-PowerYourPotential - naming and 2 alternate identity versions
Godden Photography - 3 alternate identity versions
Storied Lives - alternate identity versions
Bowman Scientific - 2 alternate identity versions
DJ Jen Woolfe - final and alternate identity versions​​​​​​​
Ryan LaVergne Realtor - alternate identity versions
Swingtown Hammocks - alternate identity versions
Submersive Group - naming and 2 alternate identity versions
Frost Photography Company - alternate identity versions
Melissa Higginbottom - Personal Trainer - naming and alternate identity versions​​​​​​​
CB&I -  alternate updated identity versions
Keeks Crafties - naming and alternate identity versions
Clymer Museum - alternate identity versions
Pet eCash - naming and alternate identity versions​​​​​​
Hawaii's Finest In-Stock Cabinets - alternate identity versions​​​​​​​
Ryan's Arcade | Fly Ry's Arcade - alternate identity versions​​​​​​​

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